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Cover reveal: Sins of the Lost (Linda Poitevin)

V októbri tohto roku vychádza tretie pokračovanie série Grigori Legacy od Lindy Poitevin pod názvom Sins of the Lost a konečne vieme ako bude vyzerať obálka! Ja osobne od nej neviem odtrhnúť oči. Je skvelá, čo poviete?

Anotácia: Nebo a peklo sú na pokraji vojny, zatiaľ čo si Lucifer buduje armádu nefilimov a čaká pokým sa jeho nový plán stane realitou – a to, mať Nefilimské dieťa svojej krvnej línie, aby viedlo jeho vojsko ku katastrofickému víťazstvu.

S chýrmi o pretrvávajúcej zúrivej vojne na Zemi, Alex bojuje, aby zachránila ľudstvo pred jeho vlastným zmätkom, zanechávajúc málo času pre jej začínajúci vzťah so Sethom, mužom s nebeským pôvodom, ktorý sa zmocnil jej srdca. Ale keď začnú miznúť nefilimské deti, spoločne s Alexinou zraniteľnou neterou, nevyhnutná vojna medzi Nebom a Peklom sa stane osobnou tak ako hriech.

Nebo má vlastné plány, ako bojovať s prichádzajúcou apokalypsou, ale najskôr potrebuje Setha späť. Žiadaná, aby zradila muža, ktorého ľúbi, Alex musí požiadať o pomoc spriaznenú dušu, o ktorej si myslela, že sa jej vzdala – archanjela Aramaela, ktorý možno bude jej poslednou šancou na záchranu svojej rodiny a ľudstva z popola Luciferovho Armagedonu.

Víkend s Lindou Poitevin – 3. DEŇ (Anotácia ku knihe Sins of the Lost)


tretia kniha zo série The Grigori Legacy

Nebo a peklo sú na pokraji vojny, zatiaľ čo si Lucifer buduje armádu nefilimov a čaká pokým sa jeho nový plán stane realitou – a to, mať Nefilimské dieťa svojej krvnej línie, aby viedlo jeho vojsko ku katastrofickému víťazstvu.

S chýrmi o pretrvávajúcej zúrivej vojne na Zemi, Alex bojuje, aby zachránila ľudstvo pred jeho vlastným zmätkom, zanechávajúc málo času pre jej začínajúci vzťah so Sethom, mužom s nebeským pôvodom, ktorý sa zmocnil jej srdca. Ale keď začnú miznúť nefilimské deti, spoločne s Alexinou zraniteľnou neterou, nevyhnutná vojna medzi Nebom a Peklom sa stane osobnou tak ako hriech.

Nebo má vlastné plány, ako bojovať s prichádzajúcou apokalypsou, ale najskôr potrebuje Setha späť. Žiadaná, aby zradila muža, ktorého ľúbi, Alex musí požiadať o pomoc spriaznenú dušu, o ktorej si myslela, že sa jej vzdala – archanjela Aramaela, ktorý možno bude jej poslednou šancou na záchranu svojej rodiny a ľudstva z popola Luciferovho Armagedonu.



3rd book in The Grigori Legacy series

Heaven and Hell are on the brink of war as Lucifer builds his Nephilim army and waits for his new agenda to become a reality — that of having a Nephilim child of his own bloodline to lead his forces to cataclysmic victory.

With rumors of the pending war rampant on Earth, Alex fights to save humanity from its own panic –¬ leaving little time for her fledgling relationship with Seth, the man with heavenly origins who has captured her

heart. But when Nephilim children begin to disappear, along with Alex’s own vulnerable niece, the inevitable war between Heaven and Hell becomes as personal as sin.

Heaven has its own plans to fight the coming apocalypse, but first it needs Seth back. Asked to betray the man she loves, Alex must turn for help to the soulmate she thought she’d given up — the Archangel Aramael, who may be her last chance to save her family and humanity from the ashes of Lucifer’s Armageddon.

Víkend s Lindou Poitevin – 2. DEŇ (Ukážka z knihy Sins of the Angels)


#1 The Grigori Legacy
Ukážku z knihy Gwynneth Ever After nájdete u Sue na blogu. :)


It was done.

There could be no turning back.

Caim stared down at the destruction he’d wrought and held back a shudder. They would come after him, of course, as they had the first time. They couldn’t allow him to succeed. Couldn’t risk him finding a way back and opening a door to the others. They would send someone to hunt him, try to imprison him in that place again.

His breath snared in his chest and for a moment the awfulness of the idea made him quail inside, made his mind go blank. An eternity of that awful, mind-hollowing emptiness, that nothingness. His belly clenched at the thought. It was a miracle he had escaped, and whatever happened, he couldn’t go back. Could never go back.

He focused his thoughts, made himself calm. He could do this. He could find the right one and return to where he belonged; it was just a matter of time. A matter of numbers.

Caim gazed at the corpse by his feet. It was also a matter of being more careful than this. He crouched and touched a withered fingertip to the crimson that welled from the gash in the mortal’s chest. He rubbed the viscous fluid between thumb and forefinger and studied his work, displeased at the lack of control he saw there. The haste.

He scowled at the frisson of remembered, wanton pleasure that even now edged down his spine, making his heart miss a beat. He so disliked that side of himself, the part that thrilled at the destruction. He had never wanted this, had tried so hard not to give in to what she had claimed to see. He wished he’d had another choice; that she’d given him another choice.

But whether he was here by choice or not, he would do well to maintain better control. If one of her hunters had been near just now, his search would have been over before it began. He’d been so caught up in his task, he wouldn’t have felt an approach until it was too late.

No, to stay ahead of her, ahead of the hunter she sent for him, Caim needed to rein himself in, to contain the bloodlust that clouded his mind. To be disciplined. He lifted his head and breathed in the alley musk, scented with rain and death. He needed to be faster, too. Finding one of the few he could use among the billions that existed now — the task seemed nothing short of monumental.

He wiped his bloody, clawed fingers on the corpse’s clothing, and then, on impulse, reached over and spread the corpse’s arms straight out, perpendicular to the body, and crossed the ankles over one another.

Pushing to his feet, he surveyed his handiwork with bitter satisfaction. Perfect. Even if she never saw it herself, she would know of his contempt, know what he thought of the esteem in which her children still held her.

He drew a breath deep into his lungs and stretched his arms over his head, letting his body begin to fill out again, taking on flesh and warmth. He reveled in the fierce pleasure of his own aliveness; the pull of wet cotton against his skin; the remains of the fierce summer rain dripping from his hair; the thick, sullen night air, unrelieved by the storm that had proclaimed his return. The sheer gratification of feeling.

Then, casting a last, dispassionate glance at the remains on the pavement, he turned and started down the alley toward the street. His mind moved beyond the kill to other matters. Matters such as finding a place to stay. Somewhere to hide, where a hunter wouldn’t think to look for him.

Caim emerged from the alley onto the sidewalk and looked up the deserted pavement to his left, then his right. Somewhere —

He paused. Stared across the street. Smiled.


Chapter One

That was the thing about a murder scene, Alexandra Jarvis reflected. It would be difficult to drive past one and later claim that you couldn’t find the right place. No matter how much you wanted to.

She wheeled her sedan into the space behind a Toronto Metropolitan Police car angled across the sidewalk. Alternating blue and red spilled from the cruiser’s bar lights, splashing against the squat brick building beside it and announcing the hive of activity in the dank alley beyond. Powerful floodlights, brought in to combat the pre-dawn hours, backlit the scene, and yellow crime-scene tape stretched across the alley’s mouth.

And, just in case Alex needed further confirmation she’d found the right place, a mob of media looked to be in a feeding frenzy street-side of a wooden police barricade, their microphones and cameras thrust into the faces of the two impassive, uniformed officers holding them at bay. One of the uniforms glanced over as she killed her engine, acknowledging her arrival with a nod.

Alex took a gulp of lukewarm, over-sugared coffee and balled up her fast-food breakfast wrapper. She’d bought the meal, if it could be called such, out of desperation on her way home, as a combined supper and bedtime snack. The nearest she could figure, it was the first food she’d had in almost twenty hours, and she hadn’t made it past the first bite before she’d been called to this, another murder. Even knowing what she’d have to view when she arrived at the scene, she’d gone ahead and eaten it. Working Homicide had that effect after a while.

She dropped the wrapper into the empty paper bag, drained the remainder of her coffee, and tossed the cup in to join the wrapper. Then she slid out of the air-conditioned vehicle.

The early August humidity slammed into her like a fist, rising from the damp pavement and the puddles that lined the uneven sidewalk. Alex grimaced. After a storm like the one that had raged from midnight until almost three, knocking out power to most of the city’s core for the better part of an hour, surely they’d earned at least a brief respite from the sauna-like weather.

She fished in her blazer pocket for a hair elastic, checked that her police shield was still clipped to her waistband, and raised her arms to scrape back her shoulder-length blonde hair as she kneed shut the car door and started toward the alley.

The media piranhas, scenting new prey, engulfed her.

“Detective, can you tell us what — ?”

“Can you describe — ?”

“Is this death related — ?”

The questions flew at her, fast and furious, and became lost in each other. Alex elbowed her way through the throng and shouldered past a television camera, wrapping the elastic around her fistful of hair. If they knew how many coffees and how little sleep she operated on, they wouldn’t be so eager to get this close.

She patted her pockets in an automatic check. Pen, notebook, gloves…Lord, but her partner had picked a fine time to retire and take up fly-fishing. Davis was a hundred times more diplomatic than she was, and she’d counted on him to run media interference for her at these times. She hoped to heaven his eventual replacement would be as accommodating.

“Don’t know, can’t say, and no comment,” she replied, and winced at the snarl in her voice, glad her supervisor wasn’t there to overhear. “We’ll let you know when we have a statement for you, just like we always do.”

The uniform who had acknowledged her arrival lifted the tape so she could duck beneath it.

“Yeah,” he muttered, “and the sharks will keep circling anyway, just like they always do.”

Alex flashed him a sympathetic look and headed down the alley, her focus shifting to the tall, lanky man silhouetted against the floodlights, and to the scene he surveyed.

Her stomach rolled uneasily around its grease-laden meal. Even from here, she could see the remains of a bloodbath: telltale shadows darkened the brick walls on either side of the narrow passageway; rivulets of the night’s rain, stained dark, pooled on the alley floor; crimson reflected back from puddles lit by the floodlights.

She flicked a glance at a sodden cardboard box, catalogued it as nothing out of the ordinary, strode deeper into the narrow passageway. A numbered flag, placed by forensics, marked a blurred shoe imprint in a patch of mud. Another sat beside a door where nothing visible remained, perhaps the site of something already bagged and tagged.

Alex drew nearer to the scene and inhaled a slow breath through her nose. She held it for a moment before expelling it in a soft gust. If this was the same as the others, if it was another slashing…

She drew her shoulders back and lifted her chin. If it was another slashing, she would handle it as she did any other case. Professionally, efficiently, thoroughly. Because that was how she worked. Because her past had no place here.

She stepped over the electrical cables powering the floodlights and Staff-Sergeant Doug Roberts, in charge of the Homicide unit where Alex worked, turned. A smile ghosted across his lips but didn’t reach his strained eyes. Alex made out the vague shape of a human body beneath a tarp stretched out just beyond him.

“Have a good sleep?” Roberts asked. Even raised over the guttural thrum of the generator powering the lights, his voice held a dry note. He knew she’d never made it home.

Alex produced a credible return smile. “Nah. I figured the concept was highly overrated, so I settled for caffeine.”

She ran a critical eye over her staff-sergeant’s height, noting the two days’ growth along his jaw line. Perspiration plastered his short-cropped hair to his forehead and she felt her own tresses wilt in mute sympathy. If the air out in the street had been heavy, here in the alley it was downright oppressive. The man looked ready to drop.

“What about you?” she asked.

“Ditto on the sleep, but I missed out on the caffeine.”

That explained it. Given enough java in his or her system, a homicide cop could run almost indefinitely, but without…

Alex’s gaze slid to the tarp. “Well?” she asked.

“We won’t know for sure until the autopsy.”


Silence. Because he didn’t know, or because he didn’t want to say?

“Chest ripped open, throat slit, posed like the others,” he said finally.

“Damn,” she muttered. She scuffed the toe of her shoe against a weed growing through the pavement. Four in as many days, with the last two less than twelve hours apart. One of the floodlights gave a sudden, loud pop, and the light in the alley dimmed a fraction. Underneath a loading dock, someone bellowed for a replacement bulb, his voice muffled.

Alex pushed a limp lock off her forehead, scrunched her fist over it for a moment, and said again, “Damn, damn, damn.” She released her clutch on her scalp. “Is forensics finding anything?”

“After the rain we had? We’re lucky the body didn’t float away.”

“Maybe the killer’s waiting for the rain,” Alex mused. “Maybe he knows it will wash away the evidence.”

“So what, he’s a disgruntled meteorologist? How does he know it will rain hard enough?” Roberts shook his head. “The weather’s too unpredictable for someone to rely on it like that, especially lately. None of these storms this week were even in the forecast. I think it’s just bad luck for us.”

She sighed. “You’re probably right. So, has the chief called for a task force yet?”

“Not yet, but my guess is that it’s about to become a priority. I’ll put in a call and get the ball rolling. The sooner we get a profiler working on this psycho, the better. You have a look around here, then go home, okay? I’ve put Joly and Abrams on point for this one. You’ve been on your feet longer than anyone else on this so far, and you need some sleep.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “If this guy keeps up at the rate he’s going,” she muttered, “I can pretty much guarantee that won’t happen.”

“If this guy keeps up at the rate he’s going, I’m going to need you on your toes, not dropping from exhaustion. So let me rephrase that: get some sleep.”

The head of Homicide Squad stalked away, dodging a police photographer who looked to be performing a weird kind of dance in his efforts to catalogue the scene’s every angle. Alex watched Roberts cover the distance to the end of the alley in remarkably few long-legged strides, and then bulldoze his way through the waiting scavengers. With a sigh that came all the way from her toes, she turned back to the bloody, rain-washed alley.

Roberts was right. The others were getting more down-time than she was on this case. They always did on slashings, because as much as she like to pretend that her past had no bearing on her present, no one else brought the same unique perspective to these cases that she did. The kind of perspective that made her drive herself a little harder, a little longer…

That made sure she wouldn’t sleep much until it was over.

* * *

The Dominion Verchiel, of the Fourth Choir of angels, stared at the Highest Seraph’s office door for a long moment, and then raised her hand to knock. As much as she didn’t look forward to delivering bad news to Heaven’s Executive Administrator, she could think of no way to avoid the task, and standing here would make it no easier.

A resonant voice, hollowed by the oaken door, spoke from within. “Enter.”

Verchiel pushed inside. Mittron, overseer of eight of the nine choirs, sat behind his desk on the far side of the book-lined room, intent on writing. Verchiel cleared her throat.

“Is it important?” Mittron asked. He did not look up.

Verchiel suppressed a sigh. The Highest knew she would never intrude without reason, but since the Cleanse, he had taken every opportunity he could to remind her of her place. In fact, if she thought about it, he had been so inclined even prior to the Cleanse, but that was long behind them and made no difference now. She folded her hands into her robe, counseled herself to ignore the slight, and made her tone carefully neutral.

“Forgive the intrusion, Highest, but we’ve encountered a problem.”

The Highest Seraph looked up from his work and fixed pale golden eyes on her. It took everything Verchiel had not to flinch. Or apologize. Her former soulmate had always had the uncanny knack of making her feel as though any issue she brought before him was her fault. Over the millennia, it had just become that much worse.

“Tell me,” he ordered.

“Caim —”

“I am aware of the situation,” he interrupted, returning to his task.

Irritation stabbed at her. She so disliked this side of him. “I don’t think so. There’s more to it than we expected.”

After making her wait several more seconds, Mittron laid aside his pen and sat back in his chair, giving her his full attention. “Where Caim is concerned, there is always more than expected. But go on.”

“The mortals have launched an investigation into Caim’s work. They’re calling him a serial killer.”

“A valid observation.”

“Because the police officers involved will be more likely than most mortals to put themselves in his path, I thought it prudent to warn their Guardians. Have them pay particular attention to keeping their charges safe.” Verchiel hesitated.


“One of the officers doesn’t have a Guardian.”

“Every mortal has a Guardian.”

“Actually, not every mortal has.”

“Rejected his, has he?” Mittron shrugged. “Well, he has made his decision then. He is of no concern to us.”

“That’s what I thought at first, but I thought it prudent to make certain and — well, she is of concern. Great concern.”

The Highest Seraph frowned. He sat up straighter and a shadow fell across his face, darkening the gold of his gaze to amber. Then the creases in his forehead smoothed over.

“She is Nephilim,” he said.

“She is descended from their line, yes.”

“That does complicate matters.”


“What do you suggest we do?”

Verchiel shook her head, no closer to a solution now than she had been when she’d first heard the news herself. She moved into the study and settled into one of the enormous wing chairs across from him.

“I don’t know,” she admitted.

“How far back are her roots?”

“We’re not sure. We’re attempting to trace her, but it will take time. Even if the lineage is faint, however —”

Mittron nodded even as Verchiel let her words die away. “There may still be a risk,” he agreed.


Mittron levered himself out of his chair. He paced to the window overlooking the gardens. His hands, linked behind his back, kept up a rhythmic tapping against his crimson robe. Out in the corridor, the murmur of voices approached, another door opened and closed, and the voices disappeared.

“What about assigning a Guardian to her?” he asked, his voice thoughtful.

“None of the Guardians would stand a chance against a Fallen Angel, especially one as determined as Caim.”

Mittron shook his head. “Not that kind of Guardian.”

“What other kind of Guardian is there?”

“A Power.”

“A Power? One of my Powers? With all due respect, Mittron, there is no way a hunter would agree to act —”

“Not just any Power,” Mittron interrupted. “Aramael.”

Verchiel couldn’t help it. She snorted. “You can’t be serious.”

Mittron turned from the window to face her, his eyes like chips of yellow ice, and Verchiel’s insides shriveled. She paused to formulate her objection with as much care as she could. She needed to be clear about the impossibility of Mittron’s suggestion. She had allowed him to sway her once before where Aramael and Caim were concerned, and could not do so again. And not just for Aramael’s sake.

“Hunting Caim very nearly destroyed him the first time,” she said. “We cannot ask him again.”

“He is a Power, Verchiel. The hunt is his purpose. He’ll recover.”

“There must be some other way.”

“Name one angel in all of Heaven who would risk a confrontation with a Fallen One to protect a Nephilim, no matter how faint the lineage.”

Verchiel fell silent. The Highest knew she could name no such an angel, because none existed. Not one of Heaven’s ranks had any love for the Nephilim, and Verchiel doubted she could find one who might feel even a stirring of pity for the race.  The One herself had turned her back on the bloodline, a constant reminder of Lucifer’s downfall; had denied them the guidance of the Guardians who watched over other mortals, and left them to survive — or in most cases, not — on their own.

But where this particular Nephilim was concerned, surviving Caim was essential. For all their sakes. Verchiel felt herself waver. She rested her elbow on the chair’s arm.

“It will consume him,” she said at last.

“Caim already consumes him, which is why we will ask him. The moment you mention Caim’s name, Aramael will do anything necessary to complete the hunt, even protect a Nephilim.” Mittron left the window and returned to his desk. Apparently having decided the matter was closed, he lowered himself into the chair and picked up his pen. “See to it. And keep me informed.”

Despite the obvious dismissal, Verchiel hesitated. The Highest’s logic made a certain kind of sense, but sending Aramael after Caim for a second time felt wrong. Very wrong. He was already the most volatile of all the Powers, barely acquiescing to any standard of control at the best of times. How much worse would he be after this?

The Highest Seraph lifted his head and looked at her. “You have a problem, Dominion?”

She did, but could think of no way to voice her elusive misgivings. At least, none that Mittron would take seriously. She rose from her chair.

“No, Highest. No problem.”

Mittron’s voice stopped her again at the door. “Verchiel.”

She looked back.

“We will keep this matter between us.” He put pen to paper and began to write. “There is no need to alarm the others.”

* * *

Mittron heard the door snap shut and laid aside his pen. Leaning back, he rested his head against the chair, closed his eyes, and willed the tension from his shoulders. He was becoming so very tired of Verchiel’s resistance. Every other angel under his authority obeyed without question, without comment. But not Verchiel. Never Verchiel.

Perhaps it was because of their former soulmate status, when, out of respect, he had treated her more as an equal. A mistake he’d realized too late and had paid for ever since. The cleanse had been intended to provide a clean slate between them, between all the angels, but it hadn’t been as effective in all respects as he would have liked.

Not for the first time, he considered placing the Dominion elsewhere, where they wouldn’t need to be in such constant contact with one another. Also not for the first time, he discarded the idea. She was too valuable as a handler of the Powers, particularly where Aramael was concerned, and particularly now.

Mittron sighed, straightened, and reached again for his pen.

No, he’d keep her in place for the moment. As long as she followed orders, however grudgingly, it would be best that way. If she didn’t, well, former soulmate or not, he was able to discipline an uncooperative angel. More than able.

Víkend s Lindou Poitevin – 1. DEŇ (Interview)

Je tu prvý deň  víkendového projektu, ktorý usporadúvame spoločne so Sue. Na začiatok čosi o autorke a interview. :)

O autorke

Linda Poitevin sa narodila a vyrastala v B.C., Kanadskej najzápadnejšej provincii. Súčasne žije neďaleko Ottawy s manželom, najmladšou z troch dcér, jedným obrovským krížencom huskyho, ovčiaka a dánskej dogy, mačkou, dvomi zajacmi a agamou bradatou. Ak práve nepíše, zvyčajne ju nájdete v záhrade alebo na prechádzke so psom pri rieke alebo v lese. Linda je členkou Sci-Fi & Fantasy spisovateľov Ameriky, Quebececkej spisovateľskej federácie, Amerických spisovateľov romancí, RWA futuristickej fantasy paranormálnej skupiny a Ottawskej asociácie spisovateľov romancí.


Ďalšiu časť pripravenú na dnešný deň a to 10 vecí, ktoré o autorke isto neviete + info o knihách nájdete u Sue. :)


1. Ahoj Linda. Ďakujeme, že si prijala ponuku na rozhovor. Na úvod by si nám mohla o sebe dačo povedať?

Ďakujem veľmi pekne, že ste ma pozvali – teší ma, že som tu! :) Niečo o mne, tak sa na to pozrime…Som Kanaďanka, som šťastne vydatá už 26 rokov a mám tri dospelé dcéry, skutočne (skutočne) veľkého psa, dve mačky, zajaca a agamu bradatú. Najradšej píšem, trávim čas s rodinou a priateľmi, prechádzam sa po lese a záhradkárčim. O, áno a som závislá od kávy. :)

2. Čo ta inšpirovalo k napísaniu série The Grigori Legacy?

Vlastne, nikdy som nechcela napísať sériu (myšlienka zaviazania sa napísať viac ako jednu knihu ma v tom čase desila!) Sins of the Angels prvotne mala byť paranormálna romanca, keď som ju začínala písať, ale asi na polceste som si uvedomila, že potrebujem druhú knihu. Potom počas písania druhej knihy, som vedela, že potrebujem ďalšie dve. Ale to je všetko, sľubujem! :) Keď sa vrátim k pôvodnej inšpirácii, prvá myšlienka príbehu vznikla v 1998, keď som videla film Mesto anjelov.

3. Prečo si si pre svoj príbeh vybrala práve anjelov? Je niečo čím ti tieto bytosti imponujú?

Ctím si absolútnu moc anjelov. Chcela som skúmať, ako by bytosti s takým druhom sily mohli vzájomne pôsobiť s ľuďmi – hlavne ak ich životy nejako preplietli s našimi.

4. Každý si predstavuje anjelov inak, akí sú tí tvoji?

Fyzicky dokonalí, všemocní, bojovní, omylní. Páči sa mi, ako televízna šou Supernatural (Hrozba z temnoty) vykreslila Castiela.

5. V sérií je mnoho skvelo vykreslených charakterov. Je postava ktorú máš ty najradšej? Ak áno prečo? 

Myslím, že v rôznych momentoch som mala rôznych obľúbencov. Mám veľkú slabosť pre Aramaela pretože bol pôvodným hrdinom série no nemôžem si pomôcť ale mám rada aj Setha pre všetko čo taktiež do kníh vniesol. Môj obľúbenec, no? Archanjel Michael. Zbožňujem ho pre jeho boj, jeho obety, jeho neústupný zmysel pre česť…a pre veci, ktoré ešte len bude musieť prežiť *veselo si trie ruky a chichoce sa*

6. Ako by si opísala svoju sériu čitateľom, ktorí ju ešte nečítali alebo vôbec o nej nepočuli?

Povedala by som im, že je to thriller s nadprirodzenou zápletkou. Príbeh je o ľudskej detektívke z oddelenia vrážd, ktorá počas vyšetrovania prípadu sériového vraha, zistí, že Nebo a Peklo sú veľmi skutočné a je vrhnutá do vojny medzi nimi – kde prežitie ľudstva je veľmi neisté.

7. Čo ta na písaní kníh baví najviac a naopak čo ta najviac otravuje?

Mám rada tú tvorivosť a možnosť stratiť sa vo svojej predstavivosti, a tiež možnosť vziať svet a postavy z mojej hlavy a priviesť ich k životu pre čitateľov. Nemám rada, keď narazím na nevyhnutný spisovateľský blok a takisto ten boj, ktorého výsledkom je iba to aby som udržala svoj zadok na stoličke.

8. Máš nejaké špeciálne miesto, kde ti písanie ide lepšie ako inde?

Písanie mi rozhodne ide lepšie keď som v kaviarni bez prístupu na internet, ale moje najobľúbenejšie miesto je v altánku na mojej zadnej terase – pokiaľ je teplé počasie. :)

9. Plánuješ sa aj do budúcna venovať tematike anjelov alebo nás prekvapíš úplne novým príbehom?

Ešte dopíšem poslednú (štvrtú) knihu v sérií The Grigori Legacy a potom mám nový nápad na ďalšiu sériu…bez anjelov ale stále s istým nadprirodzeným prvkom.

10. V sérii ti vyšli už dve knihy na tretiu sa už netrpezlivo čaká. Je niečo čo by si na prvých dvoch zmenila ak by si mala tú možnosť? Ak áno čo by to bolo?

Boli tam malé veci, ktoré prácu trošku sťažili v nasledujúcich knihách, ale nič veľmi nevytŕčalo. Aspoň, nie dosť veľké, čo si pamätám! :)

11. Okrem série The Grigori legacy ti v roku 2010 vyšla aj kniha A Fairy Tale for Gwyn, ktorá je príbehom zo života. Ktorý žáner sa ti písal ľahšie?

Ide vlastne o jej znovu vydanie  v júni pod názvom Gwynneth Ever After. Aby som bola úprimná bavilo ma písanie oboch romance aj urban fantasy. Čo sa mňa týka je to viac o dobrom príbehu ako o žánri – ako pre spisovateľa tak i čitateľa.

12. Určite okrem písania kníh ich rada aj čítaš. Akú knihu si naposledy prečítala, ktorá ta chytila za srdce?

Zbožňujem čítanie a želám si, aby som naň mala viac času! Posledná kniha, ktorú som čítala, ktorú pokladám za vynikajúcu – v zmysle, že stále premýšľam nad postavami a neviem sa dočkať nasledujúcej knihy v sérii – bola Ashen Winter (pokračovanie knihy Ashfall) od Mikea Mullina.

13. Aké typy kníh najradšej čítaš?

S dobrými rýchlymi príbehmi. Mám rada akciu, aj emócie a zbožňujem, keď ma autor dokáže vtiahnuť do príbehu tak, že som hore dlhšie ako by som mala, len aby som mohla čítať. Tieto sú knihy, na ktoré dlho spomínam. :)

14. Je žáner ktorý uprednostňuješ pred ostatnými alebo si prečítaš knihu akéhokoľvek žánru?

Čítam knihy z mnohých žánrov. Mám tendenciu čítať všetko, čo leží naokolo – manželove trilery, YA knihy mojej  mladšej dcéry, literatúru faktu mojej staršej dcéry – plus práce nových autorov, ktorých nájdem cez odporúčania na Goodread a nasledovateľov na Twitteri.

15. Chceli by sme sa ti veľmi pekne poďakovať za rozhovor. Na záver je niečo čo by si odkázať svojim čitateľom?

Ďakujem, že ste ma oslovili. Rada by som povedala čitateľom, že ma veľmi teší, keď sa mi ozvú – môžu ma nájsť na Facebook-u, Twitter-i a skrz moju webovú stránku alebo mi môžu napísať email na


Its the first day of our weekend project, which I´m doing with Sue. I shall start with an info about the autor and an interview. :)

Linda Poitevin was born and raised in B.C., Canada’s westernmost province. Linda currently lives near Ottawa with her husband, youngest of three daughters, one very large husky/shepherd/Great Dane-cross dog, a cat, two rabbits, and a bearded dragon lizard. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found in her garden or walking her dog along the river or through the woods.  In addition to her books, Linda also does freelance writing and editing. Information about her services can be found at Linda is a member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Quebec Writers’ Federation, Romance Writers of America, RWA Futuristic Fantasy Paranormal Chapter, and Ottawa Romance Writers’ Association.


You can find the next part prepared for today, and that is 10 things you don´t know about the author + info about the book, at Sue´s blog.


1. Hi Linda. Thank you for taking time to do an interview. At the beginning, could you please, tell us something about you?

Thank you so much for inviting me today – I’m thrilled to be here! :) As for something about myself, let’s see…I’m Canadian, I’ve been happily married for 26 years, and I have three grown daughters, a really (really) big dog, two cats, a bunny, and a bearded dragon lizard. My very favorite things to do are writing, spending time with family and friends, walking in the woods, and gardening. Oh, yes…and I’m addicted to coffee. :)

2. What inspired you to write The Grigori Legacy series? 

I actually never set out to write a series (the very thought of committing to more than one book would have scared me at the time!). Sins of the Angels was intended to be a paranormal romance when I started it, but about halfway through, I realized I needed a second book. Then halfway through that one, I knew I needed two more. But that’s it, I promise! :) As for original inspiration, the first idea for the story began in 1998 when I saw the movie City of Angels.

3. Why did you choose angels for your story? Is there something which impresses you about these beings?

I am in awe of the absolute power of angels. I wanted to explore how beings with that kind of power might interact with humans – especially if their lives somehow became enmeshed with ours.

4. Everyone imagines angels differently, which are yours?

Physically perfect, all-powerful, warrior-like, fallible. I loved how the television show Supernatural portrayed Castiel.

5. In the series there are many great portrayed characters. Do you have a character which is your favourite? If yes, why?

Different characters have been my favorites at different times, I think. I have a big soft spot for Aramael because he was the original hero in the series, and I can’t help but love Seth for all that he’s brought to the books as well. My favorite, though? The Archangel Michael. I love him for his struggle, his sacrifices, his unbending sense of honor…and for the things that he has yet to survive. *rubs hands together gleefully and cackles*

6. How would you describe the series to readers who didn´t read it or never heard about it?

I tell people that it’s a thriller with a supernatural twist. The story is about a human homicide detective who, in the process of investigating a serial killer, discovers that Heaven and Hell are all very real and is thrown into the war between them – with humanity’s very survival hanging in the balance.

7. What do you like about writing and what don´t you like?

I love the creativity and being able to lose myself in my imagination; and I love being able to take the world and characters out of my head and bring them to life for readers. I don’t love hitting the inevitable writer’s block and the struggle that results just to keep my butt in the chair.

8. Do you have a special place, where writing goes better then elsewhere?

Writing definitely goes better when I’m at the coffee shop without Internet access, but my favorite place is in the gazebo on my back terrace – as long as the weather is warm enough! :)

9. Do you plan to write about angels in the future or you will surprise us with a whole new story?

I have one last book (the fourth) to write in the Grigori Legacy series, and then I have a whole new idea for another series…without angels but still with a definite paranormal element.

10. You have already published two books in the series, and we wait impatiently for the third book. Is there anything what you would want to change in the first two books, if you would have the change? If so, what would it be?

There have been small things along the way that have made work a little harder in subsequent books, but nothing very big stands out. At least, not big enough that I can remember! :)

11. Besides the Grigori Legacy series, you have published a book in 2010 called A Fairy Tale for Gwyn, which is a contemporary. Which genre did you like to write better?

I’m actually re-releasing the contemporary romance in June as Gwynneth Ever After. To be honest, I’ve loved writing both romance and urban fantasy. For me, it’s more about a good story than it is about genre – both as a reader and a writer.

12. As well as writing books, we are sure you like reading. Which book did you read last, which caught your heart?

I do love reading and I wish I had more time for it! The last book that I read that I would consider outstanding – in the sense that I still think about the characters and can’t wait for the next in the series! – was Ashen Winter (the sequel to Ashfall) by Mike Mullin.

13. Which kind of books do you like to read?

Ones with good, fast-paced stories. I like action, I like emotion, and I love when a writer can keep me so involved in a story that I stay up way later than I should so that I can read it. Those are the books that live on in my memory. :)

14. Is there a genre which you prefer or do you like to read books of different genres?

I read widely across many genres. I tend to read whatever is laying around – my husband‘s thrillers, my youngest daughter’s YAs, my older daughters‘ non-fiction – plus the works of new authors I’ve discovered through Goodreads recommendations and Twitter followers.

15. We would like to thank you for the interview. And lastly, is there anything you want to tell your readers?

Thank YOU for having me! I’d love to tell readers that I’m always thrilled to hear from them – they can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and through my website, or they can email me at

Víkend s Lindou Poitevin (úvod)

Tento víkend sme si spoločne so Sue pre vás pripravili menší projekt, ktorým vám chceme priblížiť sériu zo žánru urban fantasy – The Grigori Legacy a jej autorku Lindu Poitevin. 
A na čo sa môžete  v rámci projektu tešiť?
14.6. – Interview s Lindou Poitevin, 10 vecí ktoré o autorke neviete + info o knihách
15.6. – Ukážky z kníh Sins of the Angels, Gwinneth Ever After
16.6. –  Odhalenie anotácie k tretej knihe Sins of the Lost

This weekend, together with Sue, we prepared for you a little project, where we want to bring near series from the urban fantasy genre – The Grigori Legacy and its author Linda Poitevin.
What can you look forward to during the project?
14.6. Interview with Linda Poitevin, 10 things, you didn’t know about the author + info bout the books
15.6. Sneak peaks form the books Sins of the Angels and Gwinneth Ever After
16.6. Unfolding of the synopsis of the third book Sins of the Lost

Linda Poitevin – Sins of the angels

Author: Linda Poitevin
Title: Sins of the angels
Series: The Grigori Legacy
Pages: 325
Release date: 17. 9. 2011
Publisher: ACE books

Summary: A detective with a secret lineage. An undercover Hunter with a bullet-proof soul. And a world made to pay for the sins of an angel… Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis answers to no one. Especially not to the new partner assigned to her in the middle of a gruesome serial killer case—a partner who is obstructive, irritatingly magnetic, and arrogant as hell. Aramael is a Power—a hunter of the Fallen Angels. A millennium ago, he sentenced his own brother to eternal exile for crimes against humanity. Now his brother is back and wreaking murderous havoc in the mortal realm. To find him, Aramael must play second to a human police officer who wants nothing to do with him and whose very bloodline threatens both his mission and his soul. Now, faced with a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse, Alex and Aramael have no choice but to join forces, because only together can they stop the end of days.

I had an eye on Sins of the angels from the moment, when I accidently came across the book during searching something good for reading. The book immediately impressed me, so I decided to give it a chance and read it. I didn’t know what to expect from the story and I told myself, that I let myself get surprised. And, indeed, I was.

Nowadays, you rarely find a character in books, which is smart (and knows how to use it), fearless, strong and acts reasonable. Exactly that kind of a character is Alex.

Alex is a homicide detective, who works on a serial killer case (but he doesn’t leave any trails). This case brings back the memories of something from her past, what she wanted to keep under lock and burry it deep inside. I immediately started liking Alex. She made a short work with anything and anybody she came across (about what could be convinced her partner) When she had an opinion she showed it becomingly. Even when she looks tough on the outside (a detective can’t be a fragile flower) in her inner she is different.

But not just the mortal world is worried about the actions of the serial killer. Because the killer himself doesn’t belong to that world and so heavenly beings are involved and so is another main character, which is Aramael.

Aramael nodded. „Take your time,“ he told Roberts. „I´ll just get another coffee.“
And see about rising a little angelic hell.

Aramael is Power (one of the angelic choirs), a hunter of fallen angels and he is sent to Earth to hunt the one who is responsible for the killings – Caim, his Brother, and to protect Alex from him, about what he is not so found of and he shows it to his superiors. Eventually, he pretends to be detective Jacob Trent, a new partner of Alex Jervis, he starts the hunt for his fallen brother. At the beginning he acts sniffy and arrogant, which can’t be reproach for an angel in his position. I guess it would be a sin not to like Aramael. I liked him almost immediately, arrogant or not (angels are my weakness). But as the time goes by from a stubborn and arrogant he changes to someone, who even he doesn’t recognize.

Alex and Aramael make a perfect couple. From the beginning it sparkles between them. Alex, from an unknown reason, sees Aramael’s real form, but she denies what she sees is real – angels don’t exist. And Aramael on the other hand denies building feelings for her – angels can’t feel anything after all and especially not for a mortal. Sometime I was mad about Alex´s denial of what was obvious, but on the other hand I understood her reasons for the fear. If I would be in her shoes I maybe wouldn’t believe my own eyes and tried to find a logical solution, as well.

I really enjoyed the tension between Aramael and Alex, which was there from the beginning. At first they couldn’t stand each other. Both are just too strong personalities, who don’t let anyone to restrict them, they won’t let anybody to talk into their decisions. And watching this, what would happen when such persons with so alike characters meet, was interesting.

„Then it´s all about choices, isn´t it? Her ,“ Caim looked down at Nina with an almost tender adulation, and then lifted his gaze to Alex again – „ or you. Free will´s a bitch isn´t it?“

We don’t get the undying love on first sight. The feeling, which was at the end clear to anybody, began slowly. It was born from denial of the other, denying any feelings towards the other person and ended in affection from both Aramael´s and Alex´s side. I enjoyed this relationship so much from the beginning to the very end, where I smashed my head about how it ended.

But not just these two characters are worth mentioning. As I said earlier, Aramael was sent to catch a fallen angel responsible for murders and the one is no other than his brother Caim. In most cases I almost immediately start liking negative characters, but if it comes to Caim it wasn’t so clear. Caim was, indeed, a villain, but as I read further I was sure, that his actions have a deeper meaning. However the real villain in the book was for me someone else, someone who pulled the threads from the behind and was a grey eminence of the book.

There is one more character, which I cant leave out. It´s no other then Seth Benjamin. When by the other characters I was clear who are they or I have suspected it, with Seth I wasn’t sure and when I thought I have him figured out, it was just a thought, because the author left it to herself until the very end. But Seth was likeable in the moment he entered the scene. His notes, behavior, smirks got me almost in every scene, so after Aramael he became one of my favorite characters.

„If you say it´s not that simple one more time, Seth Benjamin, I swear to God I will kick you in the balls – angel or no angel.“

The book Sins of the angels didn’t get me just with likeable characters, about which I wanted to know more and more, but with the main storyline and angelic mythology as well, which the author put in her story. It was the mythology which captured me in the first place. In books with angel theme I follow the mythology and how the author gives it to readers. Linda Poitevin gave this theme a new breath, she took the angel theme and changed it in a way, which can impress and is in no means worn-out.

Sins of the angels is a great start in to the The Grigori legacy series. It is a book full of unexpectable changes, action and great characters, which you would care about. If you like mysteries, angels and you don’t need over-sweet love, which would give you diabetes rather than a great reading experience I would recommend this book to you and if it comes to me I can’t wait when I put my hands on the sequel.

Book trailer:

My rating:

Autor: Linda Poitevin
Názov: Sins of the angels
Séria: The Grigori Legacy
Počet strán: 325
Rok vydania: 2011
Vydavateľstvo: ACE books

Anotácia: Detektívka s tajomným pôvodom. Lovec v utajení s nepriestrelnou dušou. A svet, ktorý donútili platiť za hriechy anjela…

Detektívka na oddelení vrážd, Alexandra Jarvis sa nezodpovedá nikomu. Hlavne nie jej novému partnerovi priradenému k nej uprostred príšerného prípadu sériového vraha, partnera, ktorý ju zdržuje, ktorý je znepokojujúco atraktívny a nesmierne arogantný. Aramael patrí medzi Sily, je lovec padlých anjelov. Pred tisícročím, odsúdil vlastného brata k večnému vyhnanstvu kvôli zločinom voči ľudstvu. Teraz je jeho brat späť a zanecháva vražednú spúšť vo svete smrteľníkov. Aby ho našiel, Aramael musí spolupracovať s policajtkou, ktorá s ním nechce mať nič spoločné a ktorej vlastná krvná línia ohrozuje jeho misiu aj jeho dušu.

Teraz, konfrontovaní s padlým anjelom, odhodlaným spustiť apokalypsu, Alex a Aramael nemajú na výber, len spojiť svoje sily, pretože iba spoločne môžu zastaviť koniec dní.

Na Sins of the angels som si robila zálusk od momentu, keď som na ňu náhodne narazila pri pátraní po dačom zaujímavom na čítanie. Kniha ma hneď zaujala a tak som sa rozhodla dať jej šancu a prečítať si ju. Nevedela som, čo od nej očakávať a povedala som si, že sa ňou teda nechám prekvapiť. A prekvapená som veru bola.

V dnešných knihách už len zriedkakedy nájdete postavu, ktorá má vlastná hlavu (a nebojí sa ju aj použiť), je nebojácna, silná a správa sa rozumne. Presne takou hrdinkou je Alex.

Alex je policajtka z oddelenia vrážd, ktorá pracuje na prípade sériového vraha (ten však po sebe nezanecháva žiadne stopy). Tento prípad jej vracia spomienky na niečo z jej minulosti, čo by najradšej zamkla na dva západy  a pochovala hlboko vo svojom vnútri. Alex som si hneď obľúbila. S nikým a ničím sa nekašľala (o čom sa neskôr presvedčil aj jej partner). Ak na niečo mala svoj  názor patrične ho dala najavo. I keď sa správala navonok drsne (veď ako policajtka nemôže byť krehká kvetinka) vo vnútri to tak nebolo.

No nielen svet smrteľníkov znepokojuje vyčíňanie sériového vraha. Pretože samotný vrah ani do sveta ľudí nepatrí a tak sa nám do príbehu zamotajú nebeské bytosti a aj ďalšia hlavná postava. ktorou je Aramael.

Aramael nodded. „Take your time,“ he told Roberts. „I´ll just get another coffee.“
And see about rising a little angelic hell.

Aramael je Sila (jeden z anjelských zborov), je lovcom padlých anjelov a na Zem je poslaný uloviť toho, ktorý je zodpovedný za vraždy – Caima, svojho brata no i ochrániť pred ním Alex, z čoho vôbec nie je nadšený a veľmi jasne to svojim nadriadeným dal najavo. No napokon vydávajúc sa za policajta Jacoba Trenta, nového partnera Alex Jervis začína lov na svojho padlého brata. Zo začiatku pôsobí dosť povýšenecky a arogantne, čo mu ako anjelovi v jeho postavení ani nemožno vyčítať. Aramaela by bol hádam hriech si nezamilovať. Ja som si ho zamilovala takmer okamžite, arogantný alebo nie (anjeli sú skrátka moja slabosť). No postupom času sa z tvrdohlavého a arogantného mení na niekoho, koho ani on sám nespoznáva.

Alex a Aramael tvoria perfektnú dvojicu. Od začiatku to medzi nimi doslova iskrí. Alex z neznámeho dôvodu vidí Aramaelovu skutočnú podobu no popiera, že to čo vidí je skutočné – veď predsa anjeli neexistujú. A Aramael zasa na oplátku popiera svoje rodiace sa city voči nej – veď predsa anjel nemôže cítiť čokoľvek a tobôž k smrteľníčke. Alex ma občas tým popieraním toho, čo bolo úplne očividné štvala ale na druhej strane chápala som dôvody jej obáv a strachu. Byť na jej mieste asi tiež neverím vlastným očiam a snažím sa hľadať logické vysvetlenia.

Veľmi ma bavilo sledovať napätie, ktoré medzi Aramaelom a Alex vládlo od začiatku. Spočiatku jeden druhého nemohli ani vystáť. Obaja sú jednoducho silné osobnosti, ktoré sa nenechajú obmedzovať, nenechajú si kecať do svojich rozhodnutí. No práve pozorovanie toho, čo sa stane ak sa takéto osoby s veľmi podobnými povahami stretnú bolo zaujímavé

„Then it´s all about choices, isn´t it? Her“  Caim looked down at Nina with an almost tender adulation, and then lifted his gaze to Alex again – „ or you. Free will´s a bitch isn´t it?“

Tej dobre známej nehynúcej lásky na prvý pohľad sa však nedočkáte. Cit, ktorý bol v závere už hádam každému jasný začal veľmi pozvoľná. Rodil sa z odmietania toho druhého, popierania akejkoľvek možnosti citov voči tomu druhému a skončil náklonnosťou zo strany Alex i Aramaela.  Mňa tento ich vzťah neskutočne bavil už od samého začiatku až do konca, kde som si však búchala hlavu nad tým ako sa všetko vyvŕbilo.

No nielen tieto dve postavy stoja za povšimnutie. Ako som už spomínala Aramael bol poslaný, aby chytil padlého anjela zodpovedného za vraždy a tým nie je nik iný ako jeho brat Caim. Vo väčšine prípadov si záporné postavy takmer okamžite obľúbim no v prípade Caima to také jednoznačné nebolo. Caim bol síce záporák no čím viac som o ňom vedela tým viac som si bola istá, že jeho správanie má hlbší význam. Avšak tým skutočným záporákom v tejto knihe bol pre mňa niekto úplne iný, niekto kto poťahoval za nitky z úzadia a bol šedou eminenciou celej knihy.

Je tu ešte jedna postava, ktorú jednoducho nemôžem vynechať. Tou postavou je Seth Benjamin. Kým pri ostatných postavách mi bolo jasné, čo sú zač alebo som to aspoň tušila pri Sethovi som si väčšinu času nebola istá a už keď som si myslela, že som na to prišla bolo to len zdanie a ja som stále bola tam, kde aj na začiatku, pretože to čím v skutočnosti je si autorka nechávala pre seba takmer do úplného záveru . Avšak Seth mi bol sympatický v momente, kedy sa objavil na scéne. Jeho poznámky, správanie, úškrny ma dostávali takmer v každej scéne preto sa po Aramaelovi zaradil k mojim obľúbeným postavám.

„If you say it´s not that simple one more time, Seth Benjamin, I swear to God I will kick you in the balls – angel or no angel.“

Kniha Sins of the angels ma však nedostala len sympatickými postavami, o ktorých som chcela vedieť viac a viac ale hlavne dejovou líniou a anjelskou mytológiou, ktorú autorka do knihy votkala. Práve tá ma upútala na knihe v prvom rade. V knihách s tematikou anjelov väčšinou sledujem práve mytológiu a to ako ju daný autor podá. Linda Poitevin do tejto témy vdýchla dačo nové, vzala si tematiku anjelov a pretvorila ju spôsobom, ktorý vie zaujať a vonkoncom nie je otrepaný.

Sins of the angels je skvelým štartom do série The Grigori legacy. Je knihou plnou nečakaných zvratov, akcie, skvelých postáv, ktoré  vám nebudú ľahostajné. Ak máte rady záhady, anjelov a nepotrpíte si na presladenú lásku, ktorá vám skôr ako čitateľský zážitok spôsobí cukrovku túto knihu vám môžem odporúčať a čo sa mňa týka neviem sa dočkať kedy sa mi do rúk dostane jej pokračovanie.


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